Amphibole Angel Quartz Tumbled Stones CM184

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Examples of absolutely beautiful Amphibole Angel Quartz tumbled stones, as in the images. These are new and beautiful addition to our wonderful collection of natural crystals. Please note you will receive one of equal quality and size in your order. Weight: 2+ grams approx.
Angel Quartz is said to be a stone of emotional clarity and balance in particular, particularly as it's reputed to shield one from verbal abuse. Angel Quartz is a wonderful aid to meditation. Amphibole Angel Quartz is a wonderful crystal for those who are beginning to work with the Angelic Realms. Amphibole is a crystal which contains the properties of four minerals. Kaolinite which is the white to yellow tone and activates spiritual evolvement, whilst aiding detoxification. Hematite which is the red tones can help provide protection by deflection. It aids concentration, memory, self-control, practicality, original thinking, helps study, bookkeeping and all types of detail work. Limonite which is the brown/yellow tones and provides us with strength and vitality. These minerals are captured in Quartz which amplifies all these healing powers, and transmits this wonderful energy. Using this lovely quartz variety may stimulate your clairaudient gifts, also known as psychic hearing, and this is particularly true of those stones that contain inclusions of White Kaolinite. This animation of your psychic hearing relates to the fact that Angel Phantom Quartz stimulates the crown and third eye chakra areas. The best way to use this crystal is in meditation. Doing a meditation with crystals using one of these stones is quite powerful, as they are potent stones to aid you to make contact with beings in spirit. This includes your spirit guides, guardian angels, healing angels and other beings in the Divine realms. There is something about the energy of Angel Phantom Quartz Crystals. Angel Phantom Quartz attracts angelic beings, as they have an amazing energy to aid with connecting with angels. Below are the angel phantom quartz items i have for sale at this time. Click the small pictures to take you to the specific page of each item, for its item description and specifics and to purchase a stone.
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