BIC Sandalwood Incense 20gms

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Hand Rolled, Sandalwood incense, using the famous Sandalwood and its oil blended with other best natural essential oils, perfumes to give pleasing natural Sandal fragrance
BIC incense brand does Sandalwood fragrance true justice. This is a favourite in the Happy Guru office. This scent never fails to satisfy as a Welcome fragrance to guests in your home or office. This is a unique fragrance which spreads well & freshens the mind and atmosphere.History & Benefits of Incense. Pleasant fragrances make a person more active and feel more alive and in touch with themselves. Incense assist in reducing stress, alleviating mental fatigue and can give feelings of courage, inspiration and peace of mind. Nature has gifted the sense of smell to us to get the benefits and pleasure of its own kind. Incense fill your life and environment with a lovely fragrance.Incense have been around since the beginning of time. It is most likely that with the discovery of fire, scraps of resinous wood were tossed upon the flames, causing a remarkable fragrance to rise with the mystic smoke. Around the campfire, shoulders relaxed, voices softened, all was calm and safe. Humankind had discovered the power of fragrant smoke, or incense. Throughout the ages, incense have been associated with spirituality and to used widely to transmit purity in life through enchanted fragrances. Since ancient times in India, aromatic wood, leaves, roots etc were burnt in the sacred fire during religious rituals. These natural materials purified the air before important religious rituals, these incenses also prepare the mind to commune with the Gods.
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Size 20 grams
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