Blue Lace Agate - Tumbled Stone

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You will receive a Tumble Stone similar to the ones in our photos. Size: 2cm average Weight: 3-5 grams
The energy of Blue Lace Agate is most useful at the Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown chakra areas. Activating these chakras, Blue Lace Agate assists one to enter into high-frequency states of awareness. It is especially suited to those gentle people with shades of pale blue in their auras. It can be used in the treatment of arthritic conditions and to strengthen skeletal structures. It is associated with hope, unity, cleansing, harmony, protection, optimism and positive thinking. It allows for a smooth energy flow, an appreciation of nature, purification and makes one more easygoing.

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Pronunciation: bloo lace AG-it

Primary Chakras: Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra

Astrological signs: Gemini, Pisces

Vibration: Number 5

Crystal System: Trigonal

Color: Pale Blue with the appearance of fine white, delicate bands that look very much like lace.

Location: Namibia (original Location), India, Brazil, Uruguay, USA

Rarity: Relatively easy to acquire with recent new finds. Common.

Size 2cm average
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