Bridite E067

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Birdite ( it was named the man who found it) is a new combination of minerals found in Tenant Creeks Northern Territory. It has not been tested, but we believe it has Quartz, Agate and Molybdenum, plus others.
Molybdenum A mineral that brings balance and continuity to life. It can help engender reliability and constance in one's environment and self, giving equilibrium in all areas of life. Molybdenum is also a super stress reliever. It can also be useful in retaining possessions and making progress. Molybdenum enhances communication between conscious and inner selves, as well as filling in holes or voids in the aura. It balances the chakras, as well as the physical body and the mind. Molybdenum is helpful for all types of healing because it energetically balances the body toward health. Molybdenite in Quartz is a form of Quartz containing inclusions of the silvery/grey metal Molybdenum. The frequency of Molybdenite in Quartz connects to all of the physical chakras. Its energy helps to balance and bring one's chakric system into harmony so that energy can flow freely throughout one's chakras. This aids one with one's physical wellbeing bringing balance and stability to one's energy fields. It assists in stabilizing one's emotional energy helping one to overcome the negative emotions of fear, depression and anxiety. Its supportive energy allows one to "trust". It supports one so that one may have confidence and strength of will to move forward. Molybdenite helps one to be clear and focus one's intention so that one may manifest all that one desires.
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Size 65 x 75 x 5 mm
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