Buddha Statue E545

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Our Image shows an example of our Clear Glass Buddha Statues. You will receive a statue of equal quality & size in your order. Weight: 124 grams Size: 6 x 5cms approx.
The word Buddha is a Sanskrit word which means "The Awakened One", one who is awakened to Reality, who understands true nature of the mind, the world, and all sentient beings. The Buddha lived approximately 3000 years ago (some say 2500). He was an Indian prince named Siddhartha, who gave up his throne in order to search for the Truth, to find a way to bring relief to the sufferings of humanity. After many years of diligent practice, he reached Supreme Enlightenment while sitting under a bodhi tree. He then exclaimed, "Wonder of wonders! All sentient beings are inherently complete and perfect! But they do not realize it because of their delusions and cravings." There upon He was known as Sakyamuni (or Gautama) Buddha, and embarked on an endless, compassionate journey to teach living beings how to see Reality, how to gain true wisdom, how to free themselves, and how to achieve true peace and joy. His teaching is known as the Dharma. The Buddha taught for 49 years until he entered nirvana at the age of 80.
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Size 6 x 5cms
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