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Lampe Berger Fragrance Vanilla Gourmet Oil Notes From top to bottom, anise, Rhum Vanilla Pods, vanille liquor. Cocoa, Tonka Beans, Musk.
Lampe Berger Fragrances Lampe Berger Fragrances take a long time to create before it is ready to be launched. Our Master Perfumers can choose from hundreds of natural and synthetic ingredients when creating a fragrance. Synthetic fragrances contain stable and reliable ingredients and, when blended with natural ingredients, create fragrances with great character. They provide an alternative to raw materials which have become rare or sometimes harmful to human health. Lampe Berger is unsurpassed in removing odors and killing airborne bacteria while filling a room or home with unforgettable fragrance.
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Details Around 1898, Lampe Berger introduced their air-cleaning fragrance lamps and fragrances. It was discovered that these lamps had the remarkable ability to destroy odors and other air contaminants. This ability has been much improved over time. Lampe Berger lamps are used in homes and offices not to cover up odors but to eliminate them. Do you have problems with offensive pet, smoking or cooking odors? Use Lampe Berger lamps to elimimate contaminants and restore the air you like to breathe
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More Info How To Use Your Lampe Berger Your lamp comes with instructions for its use from Lampe Berger. These suggestions are not meant to replace the factory instructions, but only to help you avoid certain difficulties. Remove both the large slotted cap and the smaller solid snuffer cap. Pour fragrance into the lamp. Filling the lamp half full or less produces the most efficient operation of your lamp. Overfilling can create problems: too much fragrance is wicked up into the stone which cannot burn it fast enough causing the lamp to go out and possible damage to your burner. Feed the wick into the lamp with the burner assembly resting gently on the lamp's metal collar. Replace the small solid cap and wait about 20 minutes for the fragrance to wick up into the burner. Remove the small solid cap, light the burner, and let it flame for about one minute. While the lamp flames, not top should be on your lamp. If the large slotted cap is on while the lamp is flaming, it will be damaged. Allowing the burner to flame for more than two minutes could damage it. It is a good idea to remain with your lamp while it is flaming so that you do not forget to blow it out. Blowing out the flame begins the catalytic operation of the lamp. You may now place the large slotted top over the burner. It is not necessary to burn your lamp for a long time; twenty to thirty minutes may be enough! To extinguish the lamp, place the small solid cap over the burner and leave it on while the lamp is not in use. Use your lamp frequently and enjoy it!
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