Blue Apatite Bracelet CC257

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Beautiful examples of blue Apatite Bracelets, as in our images. *Please note that these are our stock photos, you will receive a bracelet of equal quality & size in your order. Weight: 20 grams approx. Bead size: 3 mm approx.
Apatite Clarity, Spiritual Guidance, Self Expression Teal (Blue/Green) Apatite eliminates blockages, can assist in balance and stimulates psychic development. This light teal color opens the Throat Chakra and reduces tension and stuttering. Improves ones verbal expressions. Teal (Blue/Green) Apatite Crystals help to recognize that universal guiding hand of ones purpose and meaning of the life path each has chosen to walk. Helps to release stress, difficulties and the feeling of non-achievement. The energy of Blue/Green Apatite provides assistance in directing one to the path and accompanies one on the path. Facilitates access to your personal Akashic records. - source
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Metal No
Size 3 mm
Weight (g) 30.00
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