Eudialyte Red Tourmaline ARK01

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One off Eudialyte Pendant, as in our images. Measures: 45 x 25 x 8 mm. includes the full length. Weight: 14 grams approx.

Eudialyte Self forgiveness/love, Releases negativity, Life Force "Eudialyte has been used to both open and activate the Heart Chakra and has been known as a ‘stone of the heartland’, representing the perfection of the unconditional spiritual love of ‘All That Is” and facilitating the manifestation of this energy on the Earth plane. The energy flows from the Crown to the Root Chakra, opening the chakras and providing for a pathway for the movement of Kundalini. It is quite effective at the Heart Chakra, stimulating a resonant love which can be felt by others and which is totally in tune with the vibratory energies of the perfect state of the universe. Eudialyte infuses one with inspiration and confidence. The insights are remarkable when one holds this mineral as it allows for a connection between the emotional body and the intellect. The energy also facilitates forgiveness such that one can separate oneself from the anger, guilt, resentment, hostility, animosity, dependence, depression, sorry, anguish, etc which limits ones self love and the ability to give love to others.” Eudialyte can assist in clairaudient capabilities by blocking multiple transmissions and enhancing/fine tuning those which are definite and distinct." Love is in the Earth Kaleidoscopic Pictorial Supplement A by Melody Inspiration, Love, Energy/Vitality Red / Pink Tourmaline strengthens the will to understand love and inspires tactfulness in independence, promoting creativity in the various realms of loving aspirations. It can be used to stimulate the Root Chakra and to provide for a direct pathway between the Root and Heart Chakras. It provides energy and vitality to the body as well as stimulating the healing qualities of the heart.
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Metal SS
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Weight (g) 25
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