Silicon Pendant SM67

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Beautiful sterling silver pendant with Cilicon. Size: 30 x 17 mm, total length 40 mm. Weight: 7 grams approx.
When purified, Silicon is a pure element energy that also has mystical energies. Silicon will bring energies of enhanced communication, grace under pressure, and agility of thought. It can also be used to sharpen your focus and increase your mental activity. The energies of Silicon will also help you decipher the truth from the lies. It will help you figure out the facts from a barrage of conflicting information. When using Silicon, you will realize that its energies also promote and enhance positive energies for all kinds of situations. Silicon will energetically purify your body, mind, and spirit. It will encourage discernment and intuition. It will improve your communication and transmit thoughts clearly and positively. It will improve your focus and mental agility. Silicon is a master healer stone that can help in curing headaches. It can also relieve eye strain brought about by computer overuse. It’s a great vitality booster that can recharge and revitalize the body. Its healing energies can strengthen teeth and bones as well.
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Metal SS
Size 30 x 17 mm
Weight (g) 7 grams
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