Coppernite Skull MBE417

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Our photos show examples of Coppernite Skull Size: 2 x 3 x 4.5 cm approx. Weight: 66 grams approx.
Coppernite - Base Chakra stone for circulating energy, relationship healing, and stability. Coppernite, with its intense black coloring, is a stone with strong and masculine energy. Where others are soft and gentle, coppernite is a gem brimming with stability, pulling the firmness of the Earth into our being.\ Coppernite,Connected to the base chakra, it is an excellent stone for those seeking greater grounding. Though a darkly colored stone, coppernite brings a lightness within its energy. Coppernite is a familial stone, one that helps us work through relationships with the paternal figures in our lives. It draws healing, positivity to these struggles, aiding us in the process of soothing troubles, disagreements, and past problems as we mend those connections. This is a stone of physical healing, too. When I hold coppernite, I can feel my energy begin moving, circulating throughout my being. It gets stagnate, stuck energy started again, increasing and freeing its flow. If you feel stuck, in any form, project, or place in your life, hold coppernite. It is a stone excellent for getting things going, for finding renewed energy and reinvigoration. Those who suffer from physical circulation problems will also find coppernite powerful -- it will physically make your blood move.
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