Diopside , Calcite GT33

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This a one off Diopside and Calcite size: 7 x 4 x 6 cm Weight: 416 grams approx.
This lovely crystal is most commonly seen as the green stone, which brings through the green ray. This helps you make a heart based connection with the energy of the planet on which you live. Diopside is a stone that is green to black-green to black. It is a very creative stone and can bring creativity to the bearer. If you wish to make a connection to Mother Gaia, this crystal will help the process, as it may aid you to harmonize with her energy. Many of you may be feeling concern at all of the earth changes that you have experienced. The green stone may help you to make a connection with the earth, as Mother Gaia makes the current changes you see happening around you. If you are on the spiritual path, you should consider using this stone, as its energy may reassure you that the earth has both your best interests and hers at heart. Amplifies, Cleanses, Healing Calcite in general is an energy amplifier. It facilitates psychic abilities, channeling, astral projection and higher consciousness. Connects the intellect and emotions. Alleviates emotional stress, brings peace and serenity.
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More Info Deposits of this stone have been found in Sweden, Germany, Russia, China, India, Canada and the USA. The meaning of name Diopside comes from the Greek word meaning view and double, referring to the way the prism of the stone may be orientated.
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