Rose Quartz and Aventurine Mandarin Ducks YD61

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Rose Quartz and Aventurine Mandarin Ducks. The Mandarin ducks are the most popular, well known and widely used traditional feng shui cure for love. Photo depicts an example of the set you will receive. Weight: 43, 53, 60. grams
This is a set comprising three pieces. The two little Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks & the Aventurine Lily Pad can me moved around and placed as you wish. Rose Quartz is a stone of gentle love and peace. A calming and nurturing crystal, Rose Quartz assists in balancing emotions and healing emotional wounds. It enhances all forms of love—self-love, mother love, caring, kindness, platonic, and romantic love. Rose Quartz opens our hearts and encourages us to be tender, peaceful and gentle. It emanates unconditional love and nurturing, teaching forgiveness and tolerance. Rose Quartz helps to attract love into our lives. - source Aventurine provides for balancing of the male/female energies, enhancing ones creativity, supplementing motivation in activities, and augmenting the 'pioneering' spirit. Aventurine reinforces ones decisiveness and amplifies leadership qualities. It facilitates the balancing and alignment of the intellectual, emotional, physical, and auric bodies. - Love is in the Earth-A Kaleidoscope of Crystals by Melody
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More Info The Mandarin ducks are the most popular, well known and widely used traditional feng shui cure for love. Note the word traditional, or classical feng shui, which means that a cure is based on culturally specific images, symbols and overall historical use. Does that mean that you should use the Mandarin ducks as a feng shui cure if you are looking to attract a love partner? It depends on you. The best answer is this: "Choose the Mandarin ducks as a feng shui cure to attract love only if you genuinely, completely and absolutely feel the energy of love and devotion when you look at them." Do the Mandarin ducks speak to you of love? Or a happy marriage? Be honest with yourself when you choose feng shui cures for your home, because you are the one to benefit (or not) from your honesty and intelligent feng shui work. Because feng shui is considered to have originated in China, most of the classical feng shui cures - including the use of Mandarin ducks - have their roots in Chinese folklore. If you grew up in China or Japan, where the Mandarin ducks are wide-spread - you most probably have heard stories about the love and devotion of Mandarin ducks. They mate for life and are considered loyal and devoted to their chosen partner.
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