Tree Agate Generator SST02

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These are example of Tree Agates Generaltors , similar to the ones in our photos. Weight: 34 to 50 grams
Harmony is a key attribute of Tree Agate. The green inclusions form a link to nature for our subconscious. It is a natural stimulator of the meridians of the left thumb (white) and little finger (green). It is a Crown and Heart Chakra connector, which facilitates heart embedded meditation and daily manifestations of compassion in action.

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Pronunciation: tree AG-it

Primary Chakra: Heart, Crown

Astrological sign(s): Virgo

Vibration: Number 1

Crystal System: Trigonal

Color: Bright to milky White Opaque stone with green Dendritic “Tree like” patterns (Chlorite, Hornblende, etc)

Location: India, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico

Rarity: Common

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