Erythrite GT99

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These are example of Erythrite Weight 3 + grams
Erythrite also known as Cobalt Bloom is a strong heart based stone. This pink crystal helps to energize your body both physically and spiritually.It helps you to get answers to the questions asked of spirit and helps to improve your communication ability... and allows you to be confident and fluent in your speech.It brings an amazing sense of self assurance and a feeling of personal empowerment. Note: that as it is an arsenate stone, wash hands well after touching it... and preferably don't use against your bare skin Hold this crystal between the thumb and forefinger in the left hand to infuse energy into your self. This causes a healing reaction as it stimulates vital organs. Erythrite or red cobalt is a secondary hydrated cobalt arsenate mineral with the formula. Erythrite and annabergite form a complete series with the general formula (Co, Ni)₃(AsO₄)₂·8H₂O. Erythrite crystallizes in the monoclinic system and forms prismatic crystals
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