Amethyst Chevron - Merkaba A024

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This is an example of a Amethyst Merkaha as shown in the image. Size: 45 mm Weight: 143 grams
Chevron Amethyst assists with inner self-evaluation and evolution. It allows one to gain knowledge in spiritual healing. Placing a piece of Chevron Amethyst on a chakra serves to release the tensions held there and to energize the areas, which may be static. For those who feel a lot of negativity around them or an area, this piece is a wonderful expeller of such energies.

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Pronunciation: SHEV-ron  AM-uh-thist

Primary Chakra: Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra

Astrological sign(s): ALL

Vibration: Number 7

Crystal System: Trigonal

Color: Medium to Deep, grape purple with white striping and/or bands

Location: Worldwide including Africa, Brazil, India

Rarity: Common

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