Green Opal Large Tumbles MM630

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These are large Green Opal Tumble stones from Peru, as in our images. Weight: 100 +grams approx.
Green Opal is a gemstone that has water inside. The holy energy of water would heal the owner gently. Water is a symbol of emotion and spiritual nature. ... This is a good gemstone when you want to balance love or motivation for work. Green Opal has a meaning and properties of amplifying the owner's energy. Green Opal is a stone that's all about the heart. This crystal is here to provide nourishing and rejuvenating energies to anyone struggling with emotional heartache. Its a perfect stone for anyone who may have gone through recent trauma or grief, the dissolution of a relationship, or a hurtful disagreement. Green Opal helps us find the strength that we used to have, while encouraging us to use it to push forward and rebuild. This stone shows us that we do in fact only need ourselves in this life, and should be a daily reminder of the inner strength we truly posses. Opal Cosmic Consciousness, Visioning, Absorbent/Reflective Opal in general helps to strengthen memory, and instills faithfulness and loyalty with respect to love, personal affiliations and business relationships. Opal is known as the stone of happy dreams and changes; the happy dreams arising from the understanding of personal higher potentials coupled with the glad acceptance of ones inherent perfection. The happy changes emanate from those events and situations, which allow ones aspirations to surface. Opal wakens both the psychic and the mystical qualities, helping one to understand the powers of intuition and mysticism and to utilize them to enhance personal understanding in the realms of the sacred aspects of being. - source
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