Mimetite on Cerussite GT179

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This is a one off Mimetite Coating on Cerussite from Tsumeb Sth Africa Weight 15 Grams Approx
Clarity/Channeling, Support, Clearing "Mimetite is a wonderful piece to use in the support of self-realization and recognition of life’s purpose. Mimetite seems to work as an immediate stress reliever, allowing us to clear our heads and free our hearts. Work with Mimetite when you are confronting childhood issues or past programming. This is a very supportive and healing piece, whether it be dealing with a deep personal issue or finding time to go play on the swings. The message of Mimetite for me is, “Do not ever forget the joyous being that you truly are. Go play! Have fun!” Crystal Communications Workshop by Kristi Huggins Grounding, Past Life Exploration, ET Connection An excellent grounding stone, Cerussite assists one in feeling comfortable in the environment. For those who feel that earth is not their natural home, Cerussite relieves the feeling of being homesick and allows the soul to feel at home, no matter where it is located. Cerussite is great for travel, reducing jet lag and helping one to adjust to the different cultures. Promotes decision making, stimulates growth, teaches responsibility and allows for flexibility. Relieves tension and anxiety. Enhances communication. Encourages creativity, so is an excellent stone to utilize for those in the art field. - source www.crystalwiki.com
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