Sacred Geometry Rose Quartz (7 piece) set IEC481A

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Our images show examples of our Rose Quartz Geometry sets with 7 pieces. It comes complete with a wooden storage box, as shown & so makes a perfect gift! The pieces are: a Tetrahedron, a Cube, an Octahedron, a Dodecahedron , Icosahedron., Sphere Total weight of the set is 18 grams approx. *As mentioned, these are our stock images. You will receivea set of equal quality in your order.
This set is made of Rose Quartz... Rose Quartz represents Love, Compassion, Self Esteem... Rose Quartz is a stone of gentle love and peace. A calming and nurturing crystal, Rose Quartz assists in balancing emotions and healing emotional wounds. It enhances all forms of love—self-love, mother love, caring, kindness, platonic, and romantic love. Rose Quartz opens our hearts and encourages us to be tender, peaceful and gentle. It emanates unconditional love and nurturing, teaching forgiveness and tolerance. Rose Quartz helps to attract positive, gentle love into our lives- source You may receive a light or dark wooden box. These Sacred Geometry boxed sets are created from the five known Platonic Solids. Every physical manifestation in the known Universe is built from one of these basic building blocks. Meditating with each of the different shapes can be a powerful experience. The Platonic Solids can be used in grid work, together, or each as a center piece in it's own grid. As shown in the pictures, the 5 Platonic Solid Geometric Shapes include: 1. Tetrahedron (4 triangular faces - representing the Fire Element), 2. Cube or Hexahedron (6 square faces - representing the Earth Element), 3. Octahedron (8 triangular faces - representing the Air Element), 4. Icosahedron (20 triangular faces - representing the Water Element), and 5. Dodecahedron (12 pentagonal faces - representing the Ether/Aether or Universe Element). Plato defined the Platonic Solids over 2300 years ago (427-347BC). Platonic Solids are all of the three-dimensional solid shapes that you can create using faces that are identical regular polygons. These Platonic Solid shapes are also known as three-dimensional polytopes.
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