Amber Baby Bracelets AH41

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  • beautiful mixture of cherry, cognac, yellow, and milky amber beads
  • all smooth, oval-shaped beads are knotted in between for added security
  • amber screw clasp

How do they work?
Amber is fossilized resin and not a stone so it warms against the skin. A natural analgesic, it releases therapeutic, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties, safely and naturally. Wearing amber against the skin is a traditional European remedy for soothing teething babies and is sold in European pharmacies.

Are they safe?
The healing oils released from amber are natural and completely non-toxic. In terms of construction, there is a double knot between each bead so in the unlikely event of a necklace breaking only one bead will come loose. Even if this one small bead is swallowed it is completely non-toxic. In fact ancient Greeks and Egyptians used to grind amber and it was taken orally in medicinal remedies. Also, the nexklaces have a traditional screw clasp which is safer and cannot be accidentally undone by the baby.

Should the baby chew on the necklace?
The necklaces are designed to be worn and babies should not be chewing on the necklace. It is however non-toxic and will not harm the baby if they do place it in their mouths.

Durability. The necklaces are extremely durable, made using woven linen, but should not be worn while swimming or bathing to keep it in its best condition.

Can the baby sleep with the necklace on?
It is not recommended that children have any items around there neck during sleep or any other unsupervised period.

More Information
Metal n/a
Size 150 cm
Weight (g) 2-3 grams
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