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Tranquillityite (Fe2+8Ti3Zr2 Si3024) First found on the Moon Pilbara Western australia. These are examples Weight 40+ grams
TRANQUILLITYITE Tranquillityite gains its name from the Sea of Tranquillity (Mare Tranquillitatis), the place on the Moon where the crystals were found and brought back during the Apollo 11 mission in 1969. It was thought this crystal did not exist on Earth, except from lunar and Martian meteorites found in Antarctica, Oman, India and Morocco. However, crystals that were birthed by our planet were discovered in Western Australia in 2011. At first this crystal may not have too much appeal, looking like a regular brown stone with small glittering pieces. However, if it is given time, Tranquillityite shows its true colours. The Australian born crystal offers a resilient grounding ability, helping you to feel centred during times of busyness. If you are feeling overwhelmed by an emotional upheaval or other challenge, sit with Tranquillityite and feel its soothing vibration put things back into perspective. If you adhere to Tranquillityite’s calls to slow down, it can unveil deeper connection with the planet. Use Tranquillityite to connect with the mythical keepers of the earth realm ,the gnomes who offer guidance in healing, manifestation, light-dark balance and working with plants and crystals. Tranquillityite allows you to access the teaching of the Earth, to hear her call and live in harmony with her. Tranquillityite reminds you that the Earth will always be here, spinning in her cosmic dance through this solar system. However, if we do not hear the whispers and prompts she offers us, it is ourselves, along with our brothers and sisters, the animals who will vanish. With its lunar connection, Tranquillityite allows you to align with the Moon. During the days of the Full Moon, use it to keep you grounded, moving in flow with the lunar energies impacted the planet. At night, sit with Tranquillityite as you gaze towards the Moon. Like a telegram from space, feel the crystal form a link with the glow orb above you. This enables you to draw down more of the moon’s energy for healing, meditations, wisdom and manifestation. If you are blessed to be the guardian of both Earth-born Tranquillityite and a piece from the Moon, place them in either hand and feel the magnetic and magical pull between the two. Use this pull to again, draw down lunar energy art any time or place them on oppisites of a cryal grid to boost the ability to birth creative and innovative ideas. The same can be done by meditating with a piece in each hand. The same process with a Mars born piece will boost confidence and overcome procrastination. By Adam Barralet – Crystal Connections –
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More Info Australian scientists have discovered a rare mineral previously known only to be found in lunar rock samples and used it to date an Earth rock which formed over a billion years ago. Named tranquillityite after the Sea of Tranquility, where astronauts landed on the Moon in 1969, researchers discovered the substance in rocks collected from six sites in Western Australia. Tranquillityite was first discovered in rocks brought back from the moon soon after the first Apollo mission, along with two other substances - armalcolite and pyroxferroite. Both substances were found in Earth rocks within a decade or so of the 1969 Apollo mission but the third, tranquillityite, wasn't found on Earth until now. Read more:
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