Fossilized Echinoid Sea Urchin Shell MM645

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Echinoids are common in the oceans of today, and are prevalent in the fossil record. Echinoids include Sea Lillies, Sea Urchins, and Starfish. The name derives from the Greek "echin" meaning spiny, referring to their protective spines, and "ooid" (egg-like) in reference to their globular shell. Size 80 x 30 mm Weight 150+ grams
Polished Fossilized Echinoid Sand Dollar Sea Urchin Shell from Madagascar. Echinoid Fossils are also known as Pansy Shells and Etoile de Mêr. These fossils are polished with a nice 'Star' Pattern. Fossils increase life span, reduce toxins, anxiety, and stress, balance the emotions, increase self confidence, and success in business. Fossils enhance telepathy and stimulate the mind. Fossils represent time, eternity and evolution. Fossils are excellent healing tools to work through past life situations and for releasing whatever no longer serves your higher purpose. Fossils are used as power tools by shamans throughout the world to amplify energy.
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