Chalcopyrite Pendant P458

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This is a one off Chalcopyrite Pendant Weight: 13 grams
Chalcopyrite "has been used to assist one in finding lost objects; it also often 'disappears' to accumulate information which will be beneficial to the user. Used to enhance ones abilities of perception and to strengthen ones contact with the ancient cultures of the universe. Acts as a connective force between the physical and other cultures such that one may readily receive information. Removes energy blockages, totally opens the Crown Chakra, cleansing and activating at the same time. Excellent for use in meditation, assisting one to attain and maintain such a state. Can be used to stimulate and repair RNA/DNA damage, reduce inflammation and to relieve pressure of tumors and/or growths. Inspires the infinite energies of the universe to activate the maintaining energies of the body." Love is in the Earth--A Kaleidoscope of Crystals by Melody
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Pronunciation: kal-kuh-PAHY-rite

Also known as: Peacock Ore

Primary Chakra: Crown

Astrological sign(s): Capricorn

Color: Bright  to brassy Gold (brighter than Pyrite) , when acid washed, colors may appear as blues, greens, purples, golds, and pinks.

Location: Worldwide including Chile, Europe, Mexico, Peru, South Africa, USA

Rarity: Common

Size 30mm
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