Rosophia Rough CW448

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Rosophia Stones. Please note these are our stock photos. You will receive a Rosaphia similar to those pictred here. Weight: 50 + grams approx.
Rosophia Has Many Incredibly Powerful Metaphysical Properties!! The name Rosophia is derived from the phrase “Rose of Sophia”, meaning the “Heart of Wisdom." This name was chosen because of Rosophia's readily perceived heart currents, and because this stone carries the qualities and presence of Sophia, Soul of the World. Rosophia is first and foremost a stone of the heart. Its currents quickly and deeply move into and throughout the chest, in and around your heart, bringing sensations of soothing, calming, loving caresses. Through this stone, it feels as though you are being touched by the loving invisible hands of the Divine Feminine, the Intimate One who is vast enough to fill the entire cosmos. This energy is at the same time fully aware of and cares for each human being. When holding one of these stones you can get a feeling that can only be described as delicate yet powerful sweetness. They bring an inner feeling of beauty, a serene sense of centeredness within the heart, and a gentle appreciation of each perception and all the beings who make up the world. When holding Rosophia, you can soften inwardly with no loss of strength. One sees more truly, because the veils of stress and anxiety are lifted. Compassion is enhanced, because fears have been quieted. The heart-centering engendered by Rosophia encourages your capacity to meet each moment fresh and free, ready to respond with clarity and creativity!  For self-healing, Rosophia is recommended for almost anything, since this is in essence a stone that draws you into wholeness. It helps you to calm the emotional body, release stress, and dissolve repetitive negativity patterns on all levels. It is of special benefit to the heart, and its currents are restorative to the natural, healthy functioning of the heart, both as an organ of the body and as a center of consciousness. For diseases rooted in negative self-image of a fearful attitude toward the world, Rosophia can be a powerful spiritual medicine. The self-affirming qualities of this stone make it an excellent ally in dealing with maladies in which the body turns against itself, as in autoimmune conditions. It aids in the circulation of the blood and the lymphatic system.  
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