Green Wishing Candle E415

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Green Wishing Candle 7 candles to a pack
Candles hold a special place in human history and have been part of rituals, prayer, and celebrations throughout the ages. Used in meditation and affirmation practises to focus and direct intent, they can enhance and empower our hopes, wishes and dreams. In our quest for a mindful life, wish and wiccan candles give us a tangible focal point to direct our attention and create a powerful atmosphere of peace and tranquillity. A thoughtful gift idea, wish candles also provide a unique and special way to illuminate a birthday celebration for a special relative or friend, commemorating their milestone event or anniversary. Candle magick is driven by the element of fire, which represents transformation. Fire changes everything it interacts with, whether it’s turning a love letter into ashes or making water boil for mac and cheese. This transformational energy is what you’re channeling in candle magick, encouraging and accelerating changes in your life.
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