Serpentine Stichtite wand E628

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This is an example of a Serpentine and Stichtite wand as shown in the image. Size: 30 x 90mm Weight: 90 grams App

Serpentine is a wonderful healing stone! It also inspires longevity and retrieval of ancient wisdom It can be used to clear the clouded areas of the chakras and to stimulate the Crown Chakra. It enhances meditative states.

"Stichtite provides for expansion of awareness in the emotional aspects of ones life. It brings a calming peace to the environment in which it resides and is a very good stone to place around the home or office. It provides for flexibility, openness in opinions and for faithfulness in promises. Stichtite can offer a loving companionship to those who feel alone and also assists in learning to be gentle with ourselves and each other." Love is in the Earth--A Kaleidoscope of Crystals by Melody

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Pronunciation: SUR-puhn-teen

Primary Chakra: Solar Plexus, Heart, Crown, Clears ALL

Astrological sign(s): Gemini

Vibration: Number 8

Color: Olive green, yellow or golden, brown, black, solid or mottled

Location: Worldwide including Australia, Canada, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, USA

Rarity: Common



Pronunciation: STIK-tite/ STICH-tite

Also known as: Lavender Jade, Purple Jade

Primary Chakra: Root, Heart

Astrological sign(s): Virgo

Vibration: Number 5

Color: Purple, Rose/Pink, Purple/Pink

Location: Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, Russia,

Rarity: Relatively common

Size 30 x 90mm
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