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The Rick Collingwood "Healthy Kids and Healthy Eating" Childrens Hypnosis CD is designed to motivate children to eat better and exercise more.

This children's hypnosis CD encourages children to eat healthier foods and be less focused on sweet and fatty junk food. Children are also encouraged to exercise outside and not spend so much time on computers or watching DVD's. This children's hypnosis CD also focuses on the healing abilities inside us and the importance of happy and positive thinking.

Consequently, children will achieve weight loss and have control over their appetites. They will be more motivated to exercise and improve their diet through the understanding of which foods are good for them. This Rick Collingwood children's hypnosis CD also creates an awareness of children's health and how healthy eating directly relates to this health.

Throughout history our bodies have always known which of the foods have the highest energy (sugary foods) and which of the foods have the ability to store energy (fatty foods). In the past, these foods were not always plentiful and would be consumed whenever possible. In today's world, these foods are all too accessible and far too much of them are being consumed. Children will always be attracted to these foods and have no education on health to sway them away. The Rick Collingwood "Healthy Kids and Healthy Eating" children's hypnosis CD provides this education directly to the subconscious making it easy for children to make the right decisions.

When children are motivated to exercise and to eat healthy foods, they immediately become healthier, lose weight, become more motivated and think more positive and happy thoughts. This is critical at an early age as the patterns they form now are much harder to change later in life.

This children's hypnosis CD uses subliminal messages below the audible hearing range:

Eat healthy - Drink Water - Think Happy - Calm - Feel Good - Sugar No - Sweets No - Chips No - Be Healthy

Join Sarah and Dave as they spend an afternoon in the park with their father and he teaches them what happens if they eat better and exercise.

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