Hypnosis for Finding Zen

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Reach your 'center point' & experience complete Zen enlightenment
Reaching the Zen State With Hypnosis! This MP3 is purely designed to guide you towards the state of Zen - a personal space of complete peace, harmony & essentially 'nothingness'. Zen is a spiritual concept derived from Buddhist teachings on becoming connected with your inner self. The benefits of reaching the Zen state include experiencing deep relaxation, promoting clarity in your mind, discovering peace, finding answers, finding purpose, and understanding more about your true-self. Progression of the Hypnosis Session Usually associated with meditation, in this hypnosis session the state of Zen is presented as a journey to you. It starts out with some visualization techniques & progressively lowers you further into a deep trance as the session progresses. Herein you will be given minimal suggestion, rather you will be given options for you to choose the different paths that are right for you. After 50 minutes, Giovanni will finally guide you towards some white light, and here you will be left in complete peace with only the gentle pulsating sounds of Binaural beat frequencies & ambient background music for 30 minutes. In this personal space, absorbed in the state of deep trance, you will be able to embark on the rest of the journey on your own accord, as the Zen state is different to every person. Herein you can discover so much about who you are, what your life means, and your true essence of purpose. Main Concepts of this Recording Spoken hypnosis & brainwave entrainment soundtrack to guide you into deep trance Fundamental principles about Zen presented as direct suggestion Visualization process to activate your creative side & imagination Symbolic white light used as your entry point to discover Zen on your own accord
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Artist Giovanni Lordi
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ISBN 9337434004481
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