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This Rick Collingwood "Relaxation And Stress Management" Hypnosis CD will enable you to dissipate accumulated physical mental and emotional stress and experience the many benefits which accompany the ability to remain calm, clear headed and relaxed in even the most stressful situations.

This "Relaxation And Stress Management" hypnosis CD program has been deliberately formatted with an induction and no further spoken voice that is audible to the conscious mind. The remainder of the CD is F sharp and theta rhythm with under lying subliminal messages.

Stressed minds tend to analyze things intensely and would focus too much attention on the spoken word hindering the calming affect of the hypnosis CD. Compare it to listening to a good sound track were the words are insignificant as it is the rhythm that is providing the emotive experience.

This Rick Collingwood "Relaxation And Stress Management" Hypnosis CD will take you into a deep relaxed state allowing the subliminal messages to be absorbed. These messages create a calmer and less stressed mind allowing you to manage your stress during a normal working day. Less stress, less tension, better health. This powerful hypnosis CD creates better health physically and mentally.

N.B. 7% of communication is spoken word while 38% is tone with the remainder being body language. As the conscious mind follows frequency and rhythm the subconscious picks up the subliminal message.

N.B. If the cause of stress can be identified an appropriate companion CD can be recommended.

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Artist rick collingwood
Details volume 4
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ISBN 9337434000049
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