White noies meditation 7 Hz Theta Soundscapes

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7Hz 'Mid' Theta Binaural Beat Encoded White Noise Entrainment Frequency: 7Hz Brainwave Pattern: Mid Theta Entrainment Audio: Encoded White Noise, Binaural Beats Audio Format: CD or MP3 Listening Method: Headphones Only
The special white noise and binaural beats on this recording are centered around 7 cycles per second (7Hz). This promotes an easy transition into a mid range Theta brainwave pattern through brainwave entrainment. The Theta state of mind has numerous personal benefits for any listener if experienced on a regular basis. Entrains Your Mind Into a Theta Zone for Mediation Theta patterns occur when our brainwaves predominantly cycle between 4 to 8 times per second (4Hz to 8Hz) Also included in the audio mix is an ambient musical soundscape to create a more interesting listening experience. To use the program simply find a quiet place and play the program through headphones and allow yourself to drift away into your own private mental space. Theta Meditation is Perfect to: Longer and more instant sleep state Personal refelction and meditation in the subconscious realm Enhance intuitive abilities To achieve deep relaxation after a busy day Achieve a short 'power nap' - listen to 1 or 2 tracks which are conveniently broken down for this purpose
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Artist george baker
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ISBN 9337434001039
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