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This a one off Peanut Wood ( petrified wood ) Weight 1.400 KG
Peanut Wood Properties and Meaning Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning Physical Peanut Wood is a specific type of Australian Fossilised Wood and is a stone for grounding. It creates a feeling of well being and vitality within us. It calms the nerves and can be helpful when coming through the crisis period of a disease. It is said to strengthen the back, to help with obesity and to be useful for those who have trouble in walking properly. Peanut Wood can also be used in the treatment of hearing loss and incontinence. Mental/Emotional Peanut Wood encourages the feeling of being in the right place at the right time and helps us to form a bond with the earth and to feel at home on the planet. It helps us to create a more pleasant way for us to live a simpler life and one with enough time for relaxation and reflection. Peanut Wood helps us to stop worrying over the little things in life. It also stimulates our inner sense of imagery. Spiritual Peanut Wood helps us to remember our past lives and can be helpful in past life recall during meditation. It is a stone of transformation, helping us to start the ascension to a higher level of the self.
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More Info Peanut Wood assess the phases before becoming petrified, it is a nugget that first sailed into the sea. The driftwood that is picked up on the beach side is due to the undulations of the water which cleans the wood. Shipworm, a shellfish, then create the drill little holes or tunnels in the wood that then drop the whole log of the wood on the ocean bottom. The holes created are probably filled with the light color sediments. With the passing of time the wood, then wears the layers of the clay along with the layers of sediments so as to bring into the phase of refining, petrification. Peanut wood got its figure for its light shaded boreholes that resemble the peanuts and implanted in the delicious chocolate. Peanut wood is particularly conceived to be pulled out from the regions of the Western Australia resided near the town of Carnarvon. This jewel boulder is examined to be a composition of quartz family or in easy term silicates. Peanut wood as a jewel boulder probably seen in the tints of dark chocolate brown to black. Further, it is conceived to exhibit the certain geometrical markings, which range from stark white to creamy tints. These tints are particularly peanut-size, ovoid in form and are a vestige jewel boulder with an interesting history. It is a jewel boulder that is contemplated to possess the grounding energies that in turn stabilize the emotions of its carrier. On an emotional ground, it is conceived to calm down the upsetting emotions of fear of survival of its carrier.
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