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Examples of rough pieces of Limonite, as shown in the image. Please note you will receive one in equal quality and size in your order. Weight: 4 + grams approx. Size: 14mm + approx.
Limonite is a generic designation for a variety of oxides of iron. Limonite forms in masses, stalactites, and botryoidal (shaped like a bunch of grapes) configurations. Limonite does not form crystals. Limonite is named for the Greek word for “leimons” meaning “meadow” and most likely referring to the marshy areas where bog iron is found. Limonite hardness is rated at 4 to 5.5 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Limonite has an earthy luster that sometimes may have a sub metallic or dull finish. Limonite is a secondary product formed from the oxidation of other iron minerals. Limonite comes in a variety of different colors – ranging from brown to yellow. Historically, Limonite has been used as a pigment - raw umber, sienna, and ocher. Limonite is found in Brazil, Europe, Russia, Zaire, India, Namibia, and in the USA. ATTRIBUTES: Limonite assists in grounding and directing the flow of one’s life toward stability and comfort through powerful, mindful manifestation. Limonite enhances the substance of one’s character especially under extreme conditions. Limonite helps one to stand firm with needing to fight back. Limonite is excellent for getting out of and raising yourself above situations where there are feelings of stagnation or being “bogged” down. Limonite is a powerful mental healer and helps to prevent detrimental thoughts, impaired clarity, and psychic attacks. Limonite may be used to improve intuitive accuracy and enhance telepathy. Limonite restores youthfulness and facilitates inner-child healing. HEALING: Limonite may be used in the treatment of disorders of the skeletal system, ameliorate dehydration, assists in the assimilation of iron and calcium, dispels fever, treats liver disorders and jaundiced conditions. Limonite helps to protect the physical body during metaphysical activities.
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