Variscite on Pyrolusite Specimen E403

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Rare Variscite on Pyrolusite Specimens, sourced from Iron Monarch Quarry, Iron Knob, NSW, Australia. Please note, these are examples of our stones. You will receive a stone of similar quality & weight in your order. Weight: 12 grams approx. Size: 3 x 2.5 x 2cms approx.
A surprise to many, an unusual red variety of variscite occurs in certain Precambrian iron ores in the Middleback Ranges of South Australia. As with many gem and mineral findings in Australia, and in this Iron Monarch deposit, apatite in the hematite ores oxidized, leading to the formation of a large suite of secondary phosphates. Among these occurs variscite, which forms crystalline coatings on hematite surfaces, rarely associated with other phosphate minerals. The variscite contains approximately 10 percent iron. Amazingly the variscite from the Iron Monarch quarry is deep rose-red and transparent. It occurs in globular surface coatings consisting of small blocky crystals. Because of the black matrix and the transparency of the crystals, their overall appearance is dark cherry-red. Deposits of this same Red Veriscite material have now been found in Brazil and and pink variety in the Wood Mine, Cocke County, Tennessee. “The Stone of Confidence and Transformation” Pyrolusite is very useful in clearing the environment of negative energy wherever it is placed by clearing the air of any negative energy and dispelling all psychic attacks derived from any source. When this stone is near one’s aura it automatically strengthens their aura to repel negativity. It also provides a barrier around the intentions of those who inhabit the lower frequencies of the Astral World. As you can see, this stone has wonderful protection properties. So, it would be a great idea to place one within your home, bedroom, or in the place where you meditate, as this will make sure to keep the energy within the atmosphere in a state of pure zen. Pyrolusite balances and clears the aura. It embraces the holder to have the courage and confidence to stand their ground with what they believe in.
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Size 3 x 2.5 x 2cms
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