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Our image shows examples of our Vatican Tumbled Stones. Please Note: You will receive a Stone of equal quality & size in your order. Measure: 2.5 x 2.5cms approx. Weight: 10 grams approx.
Vatican stone is actually tumbled and polished Ammonite which is an extinct fossil that were sea creatures 350 million years ago. Most fossils are organic matter transformed into stone. Ammonite is a protective stone, giving stability and structure to one’s life. It can transform negative energy into gentle and positive energy and encourages survival instincts. It has been used to heighten ones accomplishments in the business world and to instil quality within your environment. It is known for activating metaphysical powers and personal power. It is particularly effective when placed on the third eye chakra. Ammonite is a powerful karmic cleanser and placed in the 3rd eye releases mental obsessions. It stimulates survival instincts and encourages perseverance. Because this polished fossil stone has come from the same rock quarry that the stones that built the Vatican came from, thus the name. They are a very unique looking crystal and give off wonderful strong energy and a sense of inner peace. No matter what your beliefs or spirituality the spiritual energy that comes from this stone is very peaceful and calming. This crystal is universal in its approach and will help anyone who wants to learn about themselves and their roots. It has a connection to the resurrection but not only of Christ but of spiritual beliefs of all kinds. The Vatican stone is a dream stone that shows past actions and situations from your past and assists with re-evaluating those actions so you can start over and change your actions to make things right. It is a stone of prophecy since it is associated with the Vatican and helps you reflect past actions in your life. The Vatican crystal is a spiritual communication stone. It brings tolerance and unconditional love and it also instils patience during the test and tribulations that go along with life and trying to live a spiritual life in a physical body. Metaphysical healing lore says that Ammonite provides relaxation and can alleviate depression. It has been used for overall well being and longevity, cell metabolism, labour pain, tinnitus, awakening kundalini energy, cellular memory, supports the cranium, inner ears, lungs, the skeletal system and degenerative disorders. Associated with the third eye chakra
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Size 2.5 x 2.5cms
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