Chakra & Tree of Life Hanging MIST15

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Great Chakra Tree of Life hanging, as shown in the image. Please note this is an example and you will receive ONE of equal quality in your order. The length of the hanging is 230 mm. Weight: 9 grams approx.
Chakra hanging with Tree of Life. The Tree of Life holds varying Significance in Different Cultures. There are different concepts and mythologies associated with this symbol, let us have a look at a few of them one-by-one... Egyptian Culture: Acacia tree of 'Saosis' is considered by Egyptians as the Tree of Life. As per the Ennead system (nine deities) of ancient Egyptian culture, Isis and Osiris are believed to be the first couple. They emerged from the Tree of Life i.e. the acacia of Saosis. Baha'i Belief System: As per the Baha'i faith, manifestation of God in reality takes place through the Tree of Life. 'Baha'u'llah', the founder of Baha'i faith is considered to be the Tree of Life. The 'Book of Covenant' too is associated with the Tree of Life. Assyrian Beliefs: In the Assyrian civilization, a series of criss-crossing lines and nodes were used to depict the Tree of Life. Meaning of this symbol is said to be multi-valent and priests have not yet concluded as to what is the exact interpretation/translation. Chinese Mythology: A dragon and phoenix are included in the depiction of Tree of Life in Chinese mythology. The dragon is revered for immortality and 'Fenghuang' a creature similar to the phoenix is second only to the dragon in terms of the respect being offered. There is a reference to the tree in a Taoist story which bears a peach fruit, once in three thousand years.
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Size 230 mm
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