Men, Women and Worthiness:

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The Experience of Shame and the Power of Being Enough (Sounds True Inc) Dr. Brene Brown explores the lifedefining issue of shame-how men and women experience it differently, and how we can cultivate a sense of worthiness in who we truly are.
What does it mean to engage with the world from a place of worthiness? How do we make the long walk from What will people think to I am enough! Dr. Brené Brown has spent more than 10 years researching these questions, and her discoveries always lead back to one critical finding: Shame resilience. If we want to cultivate more courage, joy, and love in our lives, we have to understand how and why shame keeps us afraid and small. On Men, Women, and Worthiness, Dr. Brown shows how liberating it is when we stop pursuing unattainable ideals of perfection—and start embracing who we truly are. In this rich exploration of the themes she introduces in her popular TED talks, Dr. Brown explores: The differences and similarities between the experience of shame for men and women Guilt vs. shame—why one is a useful force for growth, while the other holds us back The four elements of shame resilience—identifying triggers, critical awareness, reaching out, and speaking honestly We often try to deal with shame by numbing ourselves to it—but in doing so, we deaden our experience of the joys of life as well. With the trademark warmth, candor, and humor that has made her such a celebrated speaker, Brené Brown offers us an alternative to running away from the unworthy parts of ourselves. Here is a bold invitation to let go of your beliefs of who you should be—so you can recognize the full potential of the person you are.
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Artist Brene Brown
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Year 2012
ISBN 9781604078510
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