Psychic Intuition

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This book is intended to bridge the gap between skeptics, who can analyze but don’t experience psychic phenomena, and believers, who have the experiences but lack the ability to analyze.
Everything You Ever Wanted to Ask But Were Afraid to Know. Author Nancy du Tertre, "the Skeptical Psychic," takes you on a journey to find the answer to these questions and more in "Psychic Intuition." She became psychic in mid-life after years of intensive study and training, and is now a believer that everyone has the potential to tap into their intuition and understand the world at a deeper level. "Psychic Intuition" bridges the gap between skeptics who can analyze but don't experience psychic phenomena, and believers who have the experiences but lack the ability to analyze. This book explains, for the first time, how psychic ability works in the brain.
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More Info "Psychic Intuition" gives the most compelling explanation of why humans have the ability to read each other's minds and see the future. This groundbreaking book will help skeptics and believers alike begin to understand this field that historically has been shrouded in taboo, mystery, and distrust." --Uri Geller, world famous mentalist ""Psychic Intuition" is a real find. Whether you believe in psychic phenomena or not really doesn't matter. Nancy du Tertre clearly makes it obvious that the phenomena and the ability to function with intuitive skills are rampant throughout our culture." --The Amazing Kreskin "This is a breakthrough book--and timely so, because the cutting-edges of quantum physics and advancing brain wave research are finding themselves increasingly entangled with serious implications that paranormal stuff probably does exist and is probably innately and normally interactive with the fundamental essences of all life forms. "Psychic Intuition" is well-researched, the information well-organized, and the text is extremely readable, while some of the situations she describes might inspire a chuckle or two." --Ingo Swann, creator of the CIA remote viewing/psychic spy program
Author du Tertre, Nancy
ISBN 9781601632272
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