Red Herderite stones ES01

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These are examples of Red Herderite from Brazil Weight 2.5 + grames
Herderite is a rare stone whose specific frequency stimulates dormant areas of the brain. Meditation with it may open new pathways in the brain, and awaken latent powers of your mind, and may also enhance a range of different psychic gifts.Herderite's are known for their capacity to expand consciousness beyond the body, their ability to awaken latent powers of the mind and their tendency to quicken one's evolution. Re-eminent stones for awakening and charging the upper chakras of the body and fully connecting one's conscious awareness to the higher dimensions linked to the chakras above the head in the etheric body. Herderite initiates growth in the consciousness. It opens the third eye and crown chakras, as well as the first two etheric chakras, expanding one's sense of self. With Herderite, one can experience oneself as an energy field that exists far beyond the confines of the physical body. In the years ahead, there will be a quantum leap of evolution, and humans will become less dense. They may evolve to a trans-physical state in which they identify themselves as a field of consciousness rather than a personality inside a skin. Herderite is used in the treatment of behavioral problems. Some say it is a good choice to promote the leader within us, it also allows us to be leaders in group settings by bringing harmony and cooperation into group settings. It may also be used for psychic work and to help us develop passion. - Robert Simmons
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