Richterite Tumble Stones E743

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Our images show examples of or Richterite Tumble Stones. You will receive a Stone of equal quality & sie, in your order. Weight: 2 grams approx. Size: 1.5 x 1cm approx.
Richterite is a stone of calmness, relaxation, and strength. It is said to help lessen the "fight or flight" syndrome associated with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and other stress and anxiety states. It is said to help one balance action and reaction, and handle life in a calm, steady, and strong manner. When one is already in a relaxed state such as meditation, richterite can profoundly deepen the relaxation, allowing the body freedom to heal more fully, grow stronger, and for the mind to expand into higher states of awareness. As a throat chakra stone, richterite is involved with communication, but rather than external communication it is primarily involved with communication within the entity or person. Physically richterite is used in folklore and spiritual healing to aid in healing of circulation problems, glandular problems, particularly thyroid problems, respiratory problems, parasites, fevers of various kinds, and typhoid. Richterite is commonly associated with the throat (5th) chakra.
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Size 1.5 x 1cm
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