Stingray Coral Pendant SM03

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One of a kind Stingray Coral & Sterling Silver Pendant, as in our image. Weight: 12 grams approx. Size: 35 x 25 mm. Total length: 47 mm.
Stingray Coral is a stabilizing jewel boulder that helps its carrier to anchor the self perfectly in the situations of the life. Further, it is too believed to instill wisdom in the span of its carrier’s life. It is likewise considered to provide stability in the kinship. Stingray Coral reduce fear, depression from the gloomy emotions of its carrier. It acknowledged opposing evil spells as well as its capability to repair aura that helps its carrier to stay attuned to the present circumstances. Stingray Coral’s high resonating energy helps its carrier to restore the lost vivacity and drive that kindles his creativity for new interests. It improves the concentration of its carrier during meditation. Stingray Coral also guards its carrier against resentment as well as heartens his love for life. It is functional for conquering cruelty of any kind as well as helping its carrier to trust self as well as his perceptions. It is too known to ease the feelings of jealousy and overprotectiveness in kinships. It too serves to maintain vigorous and healthy cooperation in the intellectual torso of its carrier. It is believed to be a great gemstone for maintaining the everlasting and successful married life. It safeguards a person against accident, evil spirits, curses, witchcraft, magic, nightmares, and lightening. Heals and Balances the Chakra: Stingray Coral is known to turn on the heart chakra, which helps its carrier to embrace his qualities to stay connected to the world around. It is too known to balance as well as maintain the beautiful relations with the people around. It too helps to get rid of the negativity from the hurtful feelings and emotions; it serves to comprehend the life as well as also accept the alterations which he is going through. It is known to control the emotional state of the carrier. It helps its carrier to promote commitment to the self so as to know the higher purpose of the life. Stingray Coral, however, brings a positive outlook in a person.
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Metal SS
Size 35 x 25 mm
Weight (g) 12 grams approx.
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