Tarot Reading Melbourne

In Store Tarot Readings 7 Days a Week

Tarot Readings

at 245a Glenferrie Rd, Malvern

We have tarot readings in the shop 7 days a week 

between 11am and 5pm. All our tarot readers are very good and experienced.

If you would like a psychic reading call the shop on (03) 9509 2421 to make an appointment.

We recommend that you make a booking before coming into the shop, however you can just walk in and make a time.

1/2 hour = $60, 45 minutes = $80 or 1 hour = $100

Via Phone Tarot Readings

If you live interstate, overseas or cannot come into the shop you can book a phone reading.

Note:- not all readers are available for phone readings.

Phone reading requirements

  • Call the shop on (03) 9509 2421 to make a booking
  • Payment via credit card at time of booking
  • You will be given the readers number to call
  • You are responsible for the cost of the call

Tarot Readers Profiles

Browse through our reader's profiles to see if you connect to a specific reader test.

Intuitive tarot reader
Tiana - Intuitive Tarot
  • Tarot Readings
  • Intuitive
  • Gain insight, clarity & direction
  • Relationship answers & guidance
  • Application of Astrology
  • Shop Readings

"My two loves are Tarot & Astrology & I have been lucky enough to be able to practice both for over 25 years now. It never fails to amaze me how much depth, insight & clarity the two offer each of us, even after all this time!

I started out with a plain old deck of playing cards, until I was gifted my first “Proper Tarot Deck”, on my 21st Birthday & I have never looked back. I enjoy being able to approach both specific & general trends & situations, to come up with practical, workable solutions.

Each of us encounter SO much along our life path, we always have questions! They range from those of simple curiosity, to BIG, life changing ones, & we are truly fortunate to have the option of tapping in to these precious Art Forms, to help guide us along our way. I am happy to approach any conundrum you may be faced with, be it work, family, health or relationship related.

Over the years, I have tackled a few unusual problems too, so whatever is going on, come in & lets work together to help sort things out. We are all so very unique & dealing with people from all walks of life is what I enjoy most. There is a light at the end of each tunnel & I always do my absolute best to work with you to find it! "


Clairvoyiant tarot reader
Veronica - Reader
  • Palmistry
  • Reiki Healing
  • Clairvoyiant Tarot Reader
  • Face Reader
  • Phone & Shop Readings


I love being a reader; I find it is very rewarding work. I love working with my guides and angels, as I find this enables me to give more clear and concise messages to my client’s.

Many of my readings incorporate the elements of intuitive counselling healing and spiritual guidance.

God Bless.



psychic medium in Melbourne
Sean - Psychic Medium


  • Clairvoyiant Tarot Reader
  • Card Reader
  • Phone & Shop Readings

My passion with this work really lies with connecting people to their past loved ones. I am a psychic medium which allows me to be able to tune into the energy of a person and also to the energy of the spirit world. Although I am young, I have been lucky enough to train with some of the best mediums in Australia and the world! I put just as much effort and energy into my readings as I do to my development and my knowledge of life after death which I find is beneficial to the sitters understanding.

It is very important for me to answer to your greatest need, wether it be to answer questions about your life or to connect you with a passed loved one. I also use Tarot and Oracle cards as a tool to see what extra insights are put forth.

Love and light, Sean.

psychic medium in Melbourne
Dianne - Tarot & Astrology
  • Psychic Tarot
  • Psychometry (Objects, Photos)
  • Clairvoyant Medium
  • Intuitive Guidance
  • Phone and Shop Readings

Dianne is both clairaudient and clairsentient. She initiates the reading using one card from the Akashic Tarot. Often she will have messages for you prior to the reading. She tunes into the Universal Oneness or World of Infinite Possibilites. She works to empower those who seek her guidance.

Dianne has recently been assessed by several psychics as having the gift of healing. She has studied Reiki and will do Absent Healings if required. All clients receive some form of healing. She studied Psychology and has extensive knowledge of childhood trauma.


Intuitive tarot reading and Astrology
Nigel - Tarot & Astrology
  • Empath
  • Psychic Tarot
  • Psychometry (Objects,Photos)
  • Clairvoyant Medium
  • Intuitive Guidance
  • Phone and Shop Readings

I’m a New Zealand Maori (Ngapuhi/Ngatiwai tribes) with a strong connection to my ancestors and my spiritual team of guardians and guides.

I work co-creatively with spirit and offer clarity, insights and healing in a way that offers options and guidance to many of life’s challenges.

My reading style is articulate and direct, and I work with high standards of ethics. When trust and respect is established we are able to achieve great things together.

Professional Membership – Tarot Guild of Australia.