Verdite Tumbled

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These are an example of Verdite Tumbled stones You will receive a Tumble Stone similar to the ones in our photos. Size 20 x 20 x20 mm Weight 10 grams
Verdite stimulates the heart, solar plexus, sacral and root chakra. Verdite encourages the advancement of one hearts desires with a vitality and zest for life. Meditation with Verdite can provide insights and visions from ancient civilisations. Verdite can stimulate the Kundalini, and should be used with caution when meditating for this purpose. Verdite can be used to reveal both deceit and truth of a relationship trust or distrust issue.
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More Info Verdite is the trade name for a Fuchsite based rock found in South Africa. Fuchsite is a common phyllosilicate mineral within the mica group, which are complex hydrous potassium-aluminium silicate minerals. Fuchsite is a chromium rich form of Muscovite, which gives it its rich green colour often with a sparkling shine from the small crystals. Verdite also contains minor Albite, Chlorite Group, Corundum, Diaspore, Margarite, Quartz, Rutile and Talc minerals. Verdite is associated with Serpentine in the green stone belt of eastern South Africa and Zimbabwe. The Serpentine group is by far the most common occurring. While Verdite is confined to two main areas, one in eastern Zimbabwe and one in South Africa.
Size 20 x 20 x20
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